360 Degrees Pizza- Review

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be…a restaurant review.( It’s in the title…don’t know why I did that; just go with it) Today’s restaurant, 360 Degrees Pizza at Rosslyn Riviera. Today was my first time dining at the restaurant and I have to say, I had a wonderful experience. The restaurant had a homely, cozy aura; the staff were the very hospitable, the food scrumptious, not to mention  jazzy tunes filled the air as we enjoyed our meal.

I had an iced tea for my drink and it was beautifully zesty as well as refreshing. My sister had a salted caramel shake of which when she had a sip, couldn’t speak. We asked her how it was and all she let out were sighs and facial reactions trying to express how amazing she found the drink. I’m still laughing about it…😂😂



For our meals, we got 3 pizzas and I had…Pasta. *gasp* ‘ You went to 360 degrees pizza and didn’t have pizza?’ …yup. I had their new menu item, the bacon and Gorgonzola pasta. It was delicious but  I felt that it could have had less currants. Everyone else shared a pepperoni pizza, spicy lamb and a ham and mushroom pizza which they enjoyed. The favourites were the spicy lamb and pepperoni.


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As I mentioned earlier, the staff were so friendly and even posed for a few pictures. Shoutout to the Rosslyn Riviera chefs and waiters today!


If you have been following this blog from the start, you would know that I am obsessed with aesthetically pleasing places. Therefore,  I had to take some photos.

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in one of the booths

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In a booth

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At the entrance

Here are a few photos of the restaurant as well:

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And because no one ever eats or drinks before capturing the moment enjoy this photo of my dad taking a photo that will most likely end up on his Instagram. ( I have very lit parents😂😂)

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Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Hope you had a great Sunday