360 Degrees Pizza- Review

Hey guys, today’s post is going to be…a restaurant review.( It’s in the title…don’t know why I did that; just go with it) Today’s restaurant, 360 Degrees Pizza at Rosslyn Riviera. Today was my first time dining at the restaurant and I have to say, I had a wonderful experience. The restaurant had a homely, cozy aura; the staff were the very hospitable, the food scrumptious, not to mention  jazzy tunes filled the air as we enjoyed our meal.

I had an iced tea for my drink and it was beautifully zesty as well as refreshing. My sister had a salted caramel shake of which when she had a sip, couldn’t speak. We asked her how it was and all she let out were sighs and facial reactions trying to express how amazing she found the drink. I’m still laughing about it…😂😂



For our meals, we got 3 pizzas and I had…Pasta. *gasp* ‘ You went to 360 degrees pizza and didn’t have pizza?’ …yup. I had their new menu item, the bacon and Gorgonzola pasta. It was delicious but  I felt that it could have had less currants. Everyone else shared a pepperoni pizza, spicy lamb and a ham and mushroom pizza which they enjoyed. The favourites were the spicy lamb and pepperoni.


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As I mentioned earlier, the staff were so friendly and even posed for a few pictures. Shoutout to the Rosslyn Riviera chefs and waiters today!


If you have been following this blog from the start, you would know that I am obsessed with aesthetically pleasing places. Therefore,  I had to take some photos.

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in one of the booths

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In a booth

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At the entrance

Here are a few photos of the restaurant as well:

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And because no one ever eats or drinks before capturing the moment enjoy this photo of my dad taking a photo that will most likely end up on his Instagram. ( I have very lit parents😂😂)

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Anyway I hope you enjoyed this post. Hope you had a great Sunday


Live Inn- Park Inn by Radisson Blu

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a great week. Today’s post is going to be about my experience at the Live Inn which is one of the restaurants at Park Inn. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday so we my mum paid 😂- thanks mum) treated him. Anyway, our dining experience was great with just a few issues with the service and portions. Here’s our experience in pictures:

  • Here’s the menu:

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  • Here are some drinks we got:
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A ‘Tom Collins’ (left) ‘Rock Shandy’ (right)

  • For a starter we got two classic ceasar salads. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this for anyone who wants to have JUST a salad. The portion was quite disappointing. Yes, I know we ordered it as a starter but we felt the serving could have been bigger and better presented. Nonetheless, the flavors were great, we were left wanting more.Literally and figuratively
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The classic caesar salad.

  • For mains we got three different items; We had lamb, chicken and fish;My sister had a burger. Again, the portion of the fish could have been better. My parents got one prawn in a dish that was supposed to contain PRAWNS.( Multiple, not one.) So again a bit of a disappointment. The lamb on the other hand was a VERY generous portion so I would definitely recommend ordering this to share between at least four people.( We still had leftovers) The highlight of the lamb for me was the way it was presented.

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After the main course, we were stuffed. And of course I had to have a little photo shoot because the hotel and restaurant was so aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t handle it. If you go places just to take Instagram photos, Park inn is most definitely for you.

  • The atmosphere:

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  • Some portraits we took:

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Overall, our experience was great and I’m looking forward to visiting Park Inn again. I would definitely recommend visiting the Live Inn restaurant. Just as long as you don’t mind waiting for some time before your food is ready. With all that being said, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As usual, feel free to leave comments, like this and share(please tag me in your posts so I can see them) I also made a facebook page for my blog so give that a like here .


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PHOTO CREDITS: Cindy and Jensine. Thanks guys 💓💓

Arbor Place

Heyyy guys, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve used this platform but I’m back! In light of this, I’ve decided to create a category on my blog called “where’s Jadyn?” which will feature posts of all the fun places I will explore. Anyway, today my family and I had lunch at Arbor place in Lavington. If you’re all about aesthetics and all things ‘tumblr’, Arbor Place is for you. The food was great and overall ,the ambiance and atmosphere amazing & calming.

For starters we had two salads; a classic chicken Caesar salad and a halloumi  and grilled vegetable salad:

For our main course we had 4 different items:

  1. A prawn red curry
  2. Vegetarian laksa noodles
  3. An arbor beef burger
  4. Steak

For dessert we had:

  1. Italian Cassata
  2. House Coffee
  3. Apple crumble and Ice cream

Of course because of how pretty the restaurant was, I had to take even more photos:

Here are some other photos I took of my family because we had such a great time.

I would definitely recommend visiting Arbor place. If you share this post kindly tag me in it so I can see.

Have a great Sunday! -Jadyn

Ololua Nature trail & Hemingways Review

Ololua Nature Trail.

Hey guys, happy new year!! I’m three days late though. Today’s post is going to be about my experience at the ololua nature trail and the hemingways hotel at Karen. My day started off with a walk at Ololua and it was quite interesting, we enjoyed the walk, that is,  until we got lost and kept going round in circles due the fact that the trail is not labelled. It became very frustrating but we burned some calories so not all was in vain. Here are some photos we took. Overall, the forest was beautiful but needs labeling.

Hemingways Hotel Karen.

The next stop was Hemingways hotel for lunch. And after the walk we were all highly appreciative of the beauty of the hotel. We had lunch in the outdoor area of hemingways and it was amazing, both the food and the landscape.

Here are some pictures of our meals:

  • Starters
  • Mains:
  • Desserts:
  • Drinks:
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Two Dorigo’s and one guava sour.

I also ended up taking some photos around the hotel because everything was just too gorgeous:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Feel free to like, share(tag me so I can see) , comment . Happy new year! My social media usernames are below:


Sunday Lunches: Urban Eatery

Hey guys! For today’s post I’m going to be doing a review on Urban Eatery. Urban eatery is located in Westlands-specifically delta towers. The restaurant is such a beautiful place with very tumblr decor that makes you feel so at home. The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines from Indian to  Mexican & Lebanese.

  • Two salads as starters:
  • For mains we had:
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Shrimp pad Thai, BBQ chicken & mushroom pizza, Goan prawns and I had the Cuban pork

The food was amazing and I would definitely recommend the Goan prawns for anyone who loves spicy food. The Cuban pork was beautiful and i would also recommend trying that.

  • Drinks:

I had a pineapple strawberry slushy and my sister had the mixed berry slushy. My slushy is on the bottom right.

And finally, because Urban eatery has such a great space I had to take a few photos with my sister:

The walls in Urban eatery are also really beautiful and have beautiful food-based puns and quotes. I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant.

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One of the walls

I hope you guys enjoy this post! Feel free to share this, comment, like and suggest other great spaces I could visit or any post suggestions.


Where does what you eat come from?

Today I had a chance to visit the Organic Farmer’s market at Kilimani primary school. The market was filled with fresh produce including vegetables, cheese ,bread, meat, ice cream, wine and much more. There were also a few stalls selling local bags and material as well as fresh hot meals.


The above photos show some of the products on sale as well as the vendors and buyers. I would definitely recommend visiting this market for the fresh produce as well as the environment. The open area makes shopping much more fun and buying your vegetables this way helps you interact with the farmer directly and know where what you buy comes from. The market begins at 9:00 am and ends at three. For more information, you can click the links below to view their

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Have a great Sunday and maybe next week you can visit this farmers market. Know where what you eat comes from!


Worth every penne

Hey guys! I know there hasn’t been a post up for a while so I’m doing one today… Today my day was good. The first place I went to today was Java.My sister and I  had strawberry lemonade and my mum the dawa. The staff at the Gigiri branch are so friendly and had our drinks done in literally two minutes.

We then headed to Garden City to have lunch at Mambo Italia.My sister had a pizza, my mom the grilled red snapper ,my dad the ham and mushroom penne and I had the spinach and ricotta ravioli. I would definitely recommend the red snapper for those you live for insta-worthy food. The drinks you see are the mint mocha frappe, the lemon and ginger juice and a raspberry iced tea.  I would definitely recommend dining at the Garden city branch because of the atmosphere and the lighting ( for all of you who take photos of everything…ie me)

Random tip: i bet a lot of you guys already knew this but ordering ice on the side forces the restaurant to give you more of the drink so order ice on the side and get more. That’s all. Enjoy. I’ll to blog more often. As usual, if you have any suggestions comment or send them to me on instagram.  You can also add me on snapchat @jadyn1972