Where’s Jadyn? Dar Es Salaam

Heyyy guys, I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to be these past 3 months but honestly, it’s because I felt that I didn’t have any ‘interesting’ things or places to blog about. But I’m back. So recently, I traveled to Tanzania with my family(if you follow me on Instagram, you would know) and  I had quite an amazing experience. We spent two days in Dar Es Salaam and this is what this post will be about.

  • Day One

We landed quite early in the day so our adventure begun almost immediately . Tanzania is such a beautiful country and we were so lucky to be welcomed with an overhead view of Mount Kilimanjaro in all of its glory.


Mount Kilimajaro

Once we freshened up at the hotel we headed to Kunduchi Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterpark where we had a great time cooling ourselves down because it was so hot.

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Later that evening we had dinner with one of my mum’s friends at Cape Town Fish Market and can I just tell you guys how amazingggg the food was. If you’ve been to Ocean basket in Nairobi, the seafood was even better. The restaurant also provided a great view of the city by night and because it was near the beach we had a fantastic view of the boats as well.

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The overall experience was amazing and if you’re ever in Dar Es Salaam I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant.

  • Day Two

Our second day was spent mostly walking around the city and just exploring.

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I loved Dar Es Salaam so much and I would definitely encourage you guys to go there. I’ll have another post up tomorrow about the rest of the trip, but until then, have a great weekend. Feel free to share this post but tag me in it so i can see.

There’ll be more pictures on my instagram .

Photo credits: My parents and sister.

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-Jadyn x


Arbor Place

Heyyy guys, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve used this platform but I’m back! In light of this, I’ve decided to create a category on my blog called “where’s Jadyn?” which will feature posts of all the fun places I will explore. Anyway, today my family and I had lunch at Arbor place in Lavington. If you’re all about aesthetics and all things ‘tumblr’, Arbor Place is for you. The food was great and overall ,the ambiance and atmosphere amazing & calming.

For starters we had two salads; a classic chicken Caesar salad and a halloumi  and grilled vegetable salad:

For our main course we had 4 different items:

  1. A prawn red curry
  2. Vegetarian laksa noodles
  3. An arbor beef burger
  4. Steak

For dessert we had:

  1. Italian Cassata
  2. House Coffee
  3. Apple crumble and Ice cream

Of course because of how pretty the restaurant was, I had to take even more photos:

Here are some other photos I took of my family because we had such a great time.

I would definitely recommend visiting Arbor place. If you share this post kindly tag me in it so I can see.

Have a great Sunday! -Jadyn