Live Inn- Park Inn by Radisson Blu

Hey guys! Hope you guys had a great week. Today’s post is going to be about my experience at the Live Inn which is one of the restaurants at Park Inn. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday so we my mum paid 😂- thanks mum) treated him. Anyway, our dining experience was great with just a few issues with the service and portions. Here’s our experience in pictures:

  • Here’s the menu:

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  • Here are some drinks we got:
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A ‘Tom Collins’ (left) ‘Rock Shandy’ (right)

  • For a starter we got two classic ceasar salads. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend ordering this for anyone who wants to have JUST a salad. The portion was quite disappointing. Yes, I know we ordered it as a starter but we felt the serving could have been bigger and better presented. Nonetheless, the flavors were great, we were left wanting more.Literally and figuratively
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The classic caesar salad.

  • For mains we got three different items; We had lamb, chicken and fish;My sister had a burger. Again, the portion of the fish could have been better. My parents got one prawn in a dish that was supposed to contain PRAWNS.( Multiple, not one.) So again a bit of a disappointment. The lamb on the other hand was a VERY generous portion so I would definitely recommend ordering this to share between at least four people.( We still had leftovers) The highlight of the lamb for me was the way it was presented.

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After the main course, we were stuffed. And of course I had to have a little photo shoot because the hotel and restaurant was so aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t handle it. If you go places just to take Instagram photos, Park inn is most definitely for you.

  • The atmosphere:

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  • Some portraits we took:

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Overall, our experience was great and I’m looking forward to visiting Park Inn again. I would definitely recommend visiting the Live Inn restaurant. Just as long as you don’t mind waiting for some time before your food is ready. With all that being said, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. As usual, feel free to leave comments, like this and share(please tag me in your posts so I can see them) I also made a facebook page for my blog so give that a like here .


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PHOTO CREDITS: Cindy and Jensine. Thanks guys 💓💓

Where’s Jadyn? Dar Es Salaam

Heyyy guys, I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to be these past 3 months but honestly, it’s because I felt that I didn’t have any ‘interesting’ things or places to blog about. But I’m back. So recently, I traveled to Tanzania with my family(if you follow me on Instagram, you would know) and  I had quite an amazing experience. We spent two days in Dar Es Salaam and this is what this post will be about.

  • Day One

We landed quite early in the day so our adventure begun almost immediately . Tanzania is such a beautiful country and we were so lucky to be welcomed with an overhead view of Mount Kilimanjaro in all of its glory.


Mount Kilimajaro

Once we freshened up at the hotel we headed to Kunduchi Wet ‘n’ Wild Waterpark where we had a great time cooling ourselves down because it was so hot.

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Later that evening we had dinner with one of my mum’s friends at Cape Town Fish Market and can I just tell you guys how amazingggg the food was. If you’ve been to Ocean basket in Nairobi, the seafood was even better. The restaurant also provided a great view of the city by night and because it was near the beach we had a fantastic view of the boats as well.

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The overall experience was amazing and if you’re ever in Dar Es Salaam I would highly recommend visiting this restaurant.

  • Day Two

Our second day was spent mostly walking around the city and just exploring.

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I loved Dar Es Salaam so much and I would definitely encourage you guys to go there. I’ll have another post up tomorrow about the rest of the trip, but until then, have a great weekend. Feel free to share this post but tag me in it so i can see.

There’ll be more pictures on my instagram .

Photo credits: My parents and sister.

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-Jadyn x


Ololua Nature trail & Hemingways Review

Ololua Nature Trail.

Hey guys, happy new year!! I’m three days late though. Today’s post is going to be about my experience at the ololua nature trail and the hemingways hotel at Karen. My day started off with a walk at Ololua and it was quite interesting, we enjoyed the walk, that is,  until we got lost and kept going round in circles due the fact that the trail is not labelled. It became very frustrating but we burned some calories so not all was in vain. Here are some photos we took. Overall, the forest was beautiful but needs labeling.

Hemingways Hotel Karen.

The next stop was Hemingways hotel for lunch. And after the walk we were all highly appreciative of the beauty of the hotel. We had lunch in the outdoor area of hemingways and it was amazing, both the food and the landscape.

Here are some pictures of our meals:

  • Starters
  • Mains:
  • Desserts:
  • Drinks:
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Two Dorigo’s and one guava sour.

I also ended up taking some photos around the hotel because everything was just too gorgeous:

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Christmas Eve With Sauti Sol


Hey guys, today I have to say was a pretty awesome day. I spent my afternoon at village market with my family and a friend of mine and enjoyed a performance by sauti sol.I definitely had a great time and this was one experience to share. I managed to get photos with the band members and I was literally shaking while speaking to them. Shout out to Sauti Sol for making my Christmas eve even better.

I was dying inside when these photos were taken…. I mean you can clearly tell from my smile. The next photos are photos I took during their performance.

This was basically me the whole time:

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I was so happy….you guys don’t know how much I love this band.

I also took some photos with my friend and my family:

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this post and had an amazing Christmas Eve. More photos will be on my Vsco account. Feel free to share this post ( tag me so I can see) , like and comment.

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Sunday Lunches: Urban Eatery

Hey guys! For today’s post I’m going to be doing a review on Urban Eatery. Urban eatery is located in Westlands-specifically delta towers. The restaurant is such a beautiful place with very tumblr decor that makes you feel so at home. The restaurant offers a wide range of cuisines from Indian to  Mexican & Lebanese.

  • Two salads as starters:
  • For mains we had:
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Shrimp pad Thai, BBQ chicken & mushroom pizza, Goan prawns and I had the Cuban pork

The food was amazing and I would definitely recommend the Goan prawns for anyone who loves spicy food. The Cuban pork was beautiful and i would also recommend trying that.

  • Drinks:

I had a pineapple strawberry slushy and my sister had the mixed berry slushy. My slushy is on the bottom right.

And finally, because Urban eatery has such a great space I had to take a few photos with my sister:

The walls in Urban eatery are also really beautiful and have beautiful food-based puns and quotes. I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant.

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One of the walls

I hope you guys enjoy this post! Feel free to share this, comment, like and suggest other great spaces I could visit or any post suggestions.


We’re Going On A Trip…

Hey guys! This weekend my dad, sister and I took a road trip to Bondo; which is my ‘shags’ / upcountry.

Day One.

We left at the crack of dawn, literally. The journey was filled with good music, breath-taking views, animals and of course Java drinks and snacks.

As the day continued, we drove through Nakuru, Naivasha, Kericho, Kisumu, Akala, Bondo and then finally got to the house. It was a long but fun journey and the view of the lake and the cooling breeze blowing definitely made the journey worth it.

Day Two.

This was yesterday and we spent nearly the whole day by the lake. We visited Kamumbo beach and fed the fish at the farm in Kungwe beach. This was when I carried an injured bird that later didn’t thank me for my noble act😂😂. We spent the morning feeding the fish and then headed back home for breakfast.


Here are some photos I took throughout the same day. the light was always so good and I got to take some really good photos:

I also managed to get a good photo of the sun on this day. I took this photo during sunset & i’m quite proud of it.

Processed with VSCO


Day Three. 

This was today. We left really early and now we’re home. Back in Nairobi with the same gloomy-ish weather and no lake.

That’s all! Enjoy and have a happy Jamhuri Day!

It’s Lit ✨

Hey guys, today is the 9th day of December and that means that there’s only 16 days left before the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us all together. So since it’s almost Christmas,that’s what my first post of the month is going to be about. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays mostly because of the music, food and the fact that you get to spend it with the people you love the most. Malls already started decorating last month and offers are beginning. The Christmas holiday atmosphere is just beginning.For me a Christmas essential is lights; and for this Nakumatt and Game at Garden City have us all covered. Recently, malls have started decorating and I have to say that this year Christmas decorating game has gone to another level. With elegant fairy lights falling from the high ceilings, how has the Christmas bug not gotten you yet? The next few posts are going to be holiday based and I might even include a DIY. Here are a few photos of the lights and decor:

Shout out to Java for making a festive blend this year. Go grab one at any Java branch. The coffee is beautiful.

Java Holiday Blend

Java holiday Blend

Have a festive week and don’t forget to make Christmas what you want it to be. Feel free to comment, like, share and give suggestions.. Enjoy!

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